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    Tim Cruz was born in Manila & immigrated to New Jersey with his father to join his mother. His father, like most immigrant dad’s (and farmers) delighted in the free labor their children could provide, * so he made Tim his photo assistant. This would one day bite him in the ass because on his free time, Tim would make short films with his friends which earned him a scholarship spot at NYU’s Future Filmmakers Program, a diversity program for underserved youth looking to learn Film and Television. Tim’s father’s dream of having a lawyer/doctor/engineer/practical job for a son is tarnished. 


After leaving film school in NYC, Tim hustled/produced music videos for G-UNIT & worked with multiple major label recording artists. From 50 cent, AZ, Mobb Deep, to Gavin Degraw, 30 Seconds to mars,Bruno Mars. (Shout out to my Filipino brother)  And Lady Gaga (End of name drop) 


    He eventually moved to LA where he transitioned from producing to directing music videos many of which have aired on MTV, VH1 & amassed millions of YT views.  Tim also went on to direct YT-targeted commercial campaigns for Mattel’s Hot Wheels, Apple Music, & Google, reaching millions of viewers. His commercials have aired Internationally and one was even mocked satire by Stephen Colbert. Tim’s digital branded series’s have proliferated the internet and also massed millions of views.


He recently completed a teen thriller feature film called “Murder in the Suburbs" (Secrets at the Lake) that premiered on Lifetime TV in US, TF1 in France, and Sky in Europe.


During the filming of his feature film, he was immediately invited to direct a romantic comedy called “Starting Up Love” which is just wrapping up post. ​​


Disclaimer* while grateful for his father’s mentorship, Tim does not believe in free child labor. 




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